Evidence of “Stone Age” Amputation Forces Rethink Over History of Surgery

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Share Photo: How the “caveman” drew himself. A few of the hundreds of alleged stone aged, “self portraits” from Lussac. (Not specifically related to this story; Click this Link for that Story) From The TimesOnline January 25, 2010 The surgeon was dressed in a goat or sheep skin and used a sharpened stone to amputate […]

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Evolutionist’s Refuse to Accept the Sole of Man; These are the Soles that Try Men’s Times (200,000,000 Years+); The Sole of Man After Death; Fossilized Shoe Sole from Rock Supposedly Hundreds of Millions of Years Old

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Share Click Photo For Higher Resolution Fossil Under Lens Like Manmade Shoe— Microphotos Are Made of Freak Taken From Rock Millions of Years Old—- Stitches Are Revealed. —-Examination by Rockefeller Institute Tends to Upset Long-Accepted Theories New York Times, August 13, 1922 Chris Parker, Copyright 2010 “Microphotographs taken by the Rockefeller Institute of the so-called […]

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Some “Non-Avian Feathered Dinosaurs” May Have Been Birds

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ShareDid you follow that? Some “non-bird” feathered dinosaurs may have been birds? Science writer Jennifer Viegas in Discovery News summarizes a research paper which had been published in February 2009 Medical Hypotheses. What is a non-avian dinosaur? Or more to the point, why are certain of God’s creatures known broadly as non-avian dinosaurs? After all, […]

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How Science Works: Are There Actual Facts in This “Science” Article? Probably, Possibly, Maybe, Could Be it is Believed

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ShareIn the Beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth. Gen 1:1 Following is a science article written to inform and to enlighten. It summarizes “new suppositions” presented at a recent American Astronomical Society function. We were struck by how few “facts” are in the article versus conjecture. It is often said that the Bible […]

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The Top 12 Science Stories of 2009 for Creationists/Believers.

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Share By Chris Parker & s8int.com, Copyright 2009 We thought that it might be fun and or interesting to compile a list of the science stories of 2009 that were most compatible with Special Creation; or which moved the scientific ball in that direction. Another basis for selecting these top 12 science stories for Creationists […]

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Science, Politics and Global Warming

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Shareby Wal Thornhill, Holoscience December 23, 2009 The Global Warming circus in Copenhagen was politics driven by a consensus that, by definition, has nothing to do with science. The apocalyptic nonsense that opened the meeting highlighted that fact. How many who attended or demonstrated at the meeting actually understand the (disputed) scientific grounds for the […]

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Tracking Living (Or Recently Dead) African Pterosaurs

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Share by Chris Parker, Copyright 2009 Isaiah 30:6 (New King James Version) The burden against the beasts of the South. Through a land of trouble and anguish, From which came the lioness and lion, The viper and fiery flying serpent…. One might think that the continent of Africa would be the repository of animal fossils […]

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Criminal Minds:Tracking the Evolution Unsub Using Spotty Evidence

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ShareDid you know that all FBI agents are called “Special Agents”? I wanted to be a Special Agent back in the days of Efrem Zimbalist Jr.’s FBI, (when I was a kid), but I thought that being “Special” would mean that I was in charge of the unit. In the last couple of months I […]

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There’s No Such Thing as a ‘Simple’ Organism

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Share Wired Science Brandon Keim “What may be the most thorough study ever of a single organism has produced a beta code for life’s essential subroutines, and shown that even the simplest creatures are more complex than scientists suspected. The analysis combined information about gene regulation, protein production and cell structure in Mycoplasma pneumoniae, one […]

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Climategate: Global Warming Might Not be Man Made-But the Data May Be

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Sharefrom The Sunday Times November 29, 2009 Story 1 The great climate change science scandal Leaked emails have revealed the unwillingness of climate change scientists to engage in a proper debate with the sceptics who doubt global warming Jonathan Leake, Environment Editor The storm began with just four cryptic words. “A miracle has happened,” announced […]

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