Short Film Added to Giant Bird-Huffer Film Story

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SharePreviously, we had a story about giant birds seen by a number of witnesses in the Illinois area. A man named Huffer had reportedly filmed the birds while on a fishing trip. Here are 28 seconds of one of the allegedly giant birds as broadcast by Monster Quest.   Click Here to See Movie (bottom […]

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Those Ancient, Mysterious Kotoko “Horsemen” Rode Some Strange Horses

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Share The ancient Kotoko warriors/horsemen left around some interesting figurines often depicting anywhere from one to four warriors riding stylized “horses”. Some of the “horses” look like horses, but many others of them look positively “reptilian”. Add to that the notion that if its hard to get more than two warriors on the back of […]

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DNA Found to Have “Impossible” Telepathic Properties

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Share Question? What theory best explains this mysterious “impossible” phenomenon? The evolution of some type of unknown ability in DNA through Darwinian processes, or the deliberate design-in of this special ability? What if this ability is necessary for DNA to fulfill its function? How then could it have functioned in that presumed, time expanse prior […]

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DNA; A Message From God–Terrence on Okra’s Show

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ShareA second unofficial YouTube Video from Terrence P. Enjoy?

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A Few More, Lost Forgotten or Ignored Stories of the Past–Remember When..?

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Shareby Christopher Parker, Copyright 2008 Silver Shoe Nails Found in Alaska Discover Believes They Were Made by Prehistoric Man New York Times December 1, 1901 “Tocoma, Washington November 30… F.X. Beaudet of this place has brought from the Klondike . He exhibits nine shoenails exactly similar to the modern product, except that they are made […]

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Gigantic Rodent Fossil Discovered

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Share  This time its a giant rodent. Previously discovered were giant insects. giant “terror” birds. giant deer, giant camels, penquins, fish, dinosaurs, giant beavers, giant armidillos, giant clams, giant turtles, lizards, giant plants and trees, giant men… What in this supposedly uniformism world was going on in the past? Giant problem for the theory of evolution?   […]

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Terrence Makes an Unmemorable YouTube Debut

Posted on Jan 18, 2008 in Cryptids | one comment

ShareTerrence made his first (and last) YouTube Video this week on the topic of sauropod dinosaurs in ancient art. Regular s8intcom bloggers will already be familiar with the items discussed. Terrence promises to get back to his milieue this week by sticking with website presentations.

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Ancient Mesopotamian “Sauropod” is Diplodocus Longus

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Share  One of the earliest works of art that we examined here at in our section entititled; “Dinosaurs in Literature, History and Art” was a Mesopotamian Cylinder Seal from 3,300 years before Christ. We’ve always hypothesized that it was a clear representation of a sauropod, “dinosaur”as we show here . Well, we’re here today […]

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Juvenile “Dinosaur” in Chimu Culture (1100 A.D. to 1400 A.D.) Ceramic?

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ShareScience says that man and dinosaurs missed each other by more than 40 million years. For this reason, they cannot accept that any art showing man interacting with a dinosaur is genuine. If they believe the piece to be genuine, then it follows that whatever is bing represented is not a dinosaur-no matter how apparent […]

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How Stupid is the Consensus?
The Consensus;How Brilliant!
Has Global Warming Stopped?

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ShareThey tell us that the scientific consensus supports global warming and that global warming is a fact, not a theory. But, what percent of scientists who make up this consensus are actually qualified to opine on the subject? Surely a biologist or a geologist is no more qualified to give an opinion on global weather […]

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