Who Gave Us This Day Our Daily Bread?; And–Smart Chickens or Dumb Clucks?

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Share by Chris Parker, Copyright 2009 Painting, left: Grace, by Rhoda Nyberg, 1918. Click for larger version. Dateline: Brenthurst, South Africa, Sept 5, 2009 “Chickens refusing to eat the maize they had been fed has led to the discovery that their feed had been genetically modified to include a well-known weed and insect killer. Strilli […]

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Death Certificate is Imprinted on the Shroud of Turin, Says Vatican Scholar

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Share November 21, 2009 Richard Owen in Rome Times Online Source Photo: Artist impression of “face” on Shroud of Turin The Shroud of Turin on Wikipedia A Vatican scholar claims to have deciphered the “death certificate” imprinted on the Shroud of Turin, or Holy Shroud, a linen cloth revered by Christians and held by many […]

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The Pharaoh’s Prime Minister; Is There Physical Evidence for the Exodus?

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Share Photo: Imhotep; Another Joseph son of Jacob candidate? 04/11/2009 By Dr. Zahi Hawass Asharq Alawsat Cairo, Asharq Al-Awsat- Many archaeologists and researchers have spoken about Aper-al’s tomb that was discovered in the Saqqara area. Aper-al held the title of “Prime Minister of Egypt” and they [archaeologists and researchers] say that the name Aper-al indicates […]

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Amazing Discovery – A Fossilised Tree Trunk in a Burial Chamber on Angelesy

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Sharehttpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IubRw2ko69U Presenter Rupert Soskin has been steeped in science since he was a child no doubt and has/had swallowed it completely no doubt in all its evolutionary influenced forms. He believed, as materialist science teaches that petrification and fossilization take place over millions of years. Thus science uses petrified and objects as proofs against a […]

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Worlds Largest Pyramid Discovered? – Lost Mayan City Of Mirador

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Sharehttpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwpH_4TdoWw& CNN Report, Oct. 25, 2009: The world’s largest pyramid; by volume? Also: The Mayan “creation story” was thought to have been influenced by Spanish Catholics but the Mayan’s own “story” discovered here proves that there version existed at least 1,000 years earlier. if Video Doesn’t Activate, Try Clicking this Link Thanks to:Howard M., for […]

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IDA DOA: The Explosive Pace of Evolution-ary Debunking

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ShareThanks to: Geoff G. & Chris W. Photo:P.T. Barnum, is there indeed one born every minute? Ernst Haeckel’s Biogenic Law; often stated as “ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny” (an embryo goes through all the stages of its “evolutionary ancestors”) had been formulated with the help of faked drawings and outright lies had been debunked by his own […]

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If There was a Global Flood, Where did All the Water Come From? Relax, You’re Soaking in it!

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SharePhoto:Relax, you’re soaking in it!* (see footnote) Not too long ago in one of those stump the Christian moments, someone asked me how Noah found penquins in Palestine. I pointed out that penquins aren’t strictly Arctic as you might suppose; for example, I told him, today there are penquins living on the beaches of South […]

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Modern Man a Wimp Says Anthropologist

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Share In this interesting article, anthropologist McAllister attributes the greater physical abilities of our ancestors to the softness of modern society versus the tough existence of prior societies. Respected Cornell Geneticist, John Sanford, who rejected Darwinism in his recent book: “Genetic Entropy & the Mystery of the Genome”, attributes this physical decline to the actual […]

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Archaeopteryx Was Not Very Bird-like: Inside The First Bird, Surprising Signs Of A Dinosaur

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Share An important part of the evolutionary mythology is that dinosaurs evolved into birds. There seems to be nothing that will convince these believers that the theory is “bird-brained” and that there is no supporting evidence for it. Storrs Olson, Curator of Birds at the Smithsonian noted that a cadre of “zealots” were trying to […]

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A Third of Dinosaur Species Never Existed?

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Share Brian Handwerk for National Geographic News October 9, 2009 That’s because young dinosaurs didn’t look like Mini-Me versions of their parents, according to new analyses by paleontologists Mark Goodwin, University of California, Berkeley, and Jack Horner, of Montana State University. Instead, like birds and some other living animals, the juveniles went through dramatic physical […]

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