Reclaiming Biblical Jerusalem

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ShareThe world of archeology is rocked by evidence of King David’s palace unearthed in Jerusalem. by Rachel Ginsberg How Jewish is Jerusalem? You might think that’s a silly question, but in the world of academia, revisionist history and even biblical archaeology, scholars have cast the shadow of doubt over Judaism’s intrinsic connection to Jerusalem. The […]

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“Primitive Humans” Conquered Sea, Surprising Finds Suggest

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Share Photo: The Professor instructs the other castaways in the art of stone tool making. Our contention; there never were primitive humans. Neither do we accept the evolutionary timescale suggested here. We note however, that where ever you find human artifacts that they are consistent with intelligence and that the most cherished mythology of the […]

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Four Quick Ancient Mistories*

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Share Photo: Blond mummy in China 1)No one has been more enthralled and interested in the story about Ancient Caucasians (Romans) in China than Stormfront. (See Also: Blond Mummies in China) Since humans are 99.9% genetically identical, as I’ve said before, one might as well be excited about his historical connection to ancients that also […]

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Evidence of “Stone Age” Amputation Forces Rethink Over History of Surgery

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Share Photo: How the “caveman” drew himself. A few of the hundreds of alleged stone aged, “self portraits” from Lussac. (Not specifically related to this story; Click this Link for that Story) From The TimesOnline January 25, 2010 The surgeon was dressed in a goat or sheep skin and used a sharpened stone to amputate […]

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Evolutionist’s Refuse to Accept the Sole of Man; These are the Soles that Try Men’s Times (200,000,000 Years+); The Sole of Man After Death; Fossilized Shoe Sole from Rock Supposedly Hundreds of Millions of Years Old

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Share Click Photo For Higher Resolution Fossil Under Lens Like Manmade Shoe— Microphotos Are Made of Freak Taken From Rock Millions of Years Old—- Stitches Are Revealed. —-Examination by Rockefeller Institute Tends to Upset Long-Accepted Theories New York Times, August 13, 1922 Chris Parker, Copyright 2010 “Microphotographs taken by the Rockefeller Institute of the so-called […]

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Previously Undiscovered Ancient City Found on Caribbean Sea Floor

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Share By Jes Alexander on December 9, 2009 (Herald de Paris) WASHINGTON, DC (Herald de Paris) – EXCLUSIVE – Researchers have revealed the first images from the Caribbean sea floor of what they believe are the archaeological remains of an ancient civilization. Guarding the location’s coordinates carefully, the project’s leader, who wishes to remain anonymous […]

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Who Gave Us This Day Our Daily Bread?; And–Smart Chickens or Dumb Clucks?

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Share by Chris Parker, Copyright 2009 Painting, left: Grace, by Rhoda Nyberg, 1918. Click for larger version. Dateline: Brenthurst, South Africa, Sept 5, 2009 “Chickens refusing to eat the maize they had been fed has led to the discovery that their feed had been genetically modified to include a well-known weed and insect killer. Strilli […]

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I Knew a Duck Sir, That Duck Was a Friend of Mine, You Sir are No Duck! Neolithic Dinosaur Headed Ceramic from Romania?

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SharePhoto: Left and bottom, left left; Romanian, Neolithic zoomorphic head compared with artist representations of lambeosaurine dinosaurs (hadrosaurids). Click to enlarge. Science tells us that dinosaurs became extinct 65 million years ago and that they reigned on earth for a period beginning 230 million year ago. Science believes that dinosaurs eventually evolved into birds. The […]

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Amazing Discovery – A Fossilised Tree Trunk in a Burial Chamber on Angelesy

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Sharehttpv:// Presenter Rupert Soskin has been steeped in science since he was a child no doubt and has/had swallowed it completely no doubt in all its evolutionary influenced forms. He believed, as materialist science teaches that petrification and fossilization take place over millions of years. Thus science uses petrified and objects as proofs against a […]

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Worlds Largest Pyramid Discovered? – Lost Mayan City Of Mirador

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Sharehttpv:// CNN Report, Oct. 25, 2009: The world’s largest pyramid; by volume? Also: The Mayan “creation story” was thought to have been influenced by Spanish Catholics but the Mayan’s own “story” discovered here proves that there version existed at least 1,000 years earlier. if Video Doesn’t Activate, Try Clicking this Link Thanks to:Howard M., for […]

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