Modern Man a Wimp Says Anthropologist

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Share In this interesting article, anthropologist McAllister attributes the greater physical abilities of our ancestors to the softness of modern society versus the tough existence of prior societies. Respected Cornell Geneticist, John Sanford, who rejected Darwinism in his recent book: “Genetic Entropy & the Mystery of the Genome”, attributes this physical decline to the actual […]

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“Prehistoric Man” Used Crude “Sat Nav”

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SharePhoto:Silbury Hill, Wiltshire which may have been part of an ancient navigational aid for prehistoric man Photo: SWNS Prehistoric man navigated his way across England using a crude version of sat nav based on stone circle markers, historians have claimed. They were able to travel between settlements with pinpoint accuracy thanks to a complex network […]

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Were Ancient Sea Monsters Actually Mythological or Did the Ancients Actually See Monsters? An E-Book-Let

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Shareby Chris Parker, Copyright 2009 Photo: This sea monster is actually an ancient bronze candelabra nicknamed “the sea monster”. Excerpt “Curiously, ancient dragon depictions closely match those of dinosaurs and pterosaurs which supposedly became extinct millions of years before man even “evolved”. Could the same be said for certain ancient “sea monster” depictions? Did ancient […]

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Free On Line E-Book:Tracking the Sauropod Dinosaur Through the Art of Ancient Peoples; Part 2-This Time it’s About the Science

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Share Tracking the Sauropod Dinosaur Through the Art of Ancient Peoples; Part 2-This Time It's About the Science Publish at Calaméo or browse others. Cave Art Sites in Europe: “Pergouset is an extreme case, for there one also sees an amoeba-like creature with a vaguely human outline, a hind with an exceptionally long neck, and […]

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World’s First Computer May Be Even Older Than Thought

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Share New, Sharp, Science,A New Scientist Blog Jo Marchant, consultant From Swiss Army knives to iPhones, it seems we just love fancy gadgets with as many different functions as possible. And judging from the ancient Greek Antikythera mechanism, the desire to impress with the latest multipurpose must-have item goes back at least 2000 years. This […]

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Vinland Map of America no Forgery, Expert Says

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ShareBrief History of the Map The Vinland Map first came to light in 1957 (three years before the discovery of the Norse site at L’Anse aux Meadows in 1960) and was offered to Yale University by an alumnus, Laurence C. Witten II, an antiquarian book dealer. Unable to afford the asking price, and concerned that […]

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Egyptian of High Rank without the Traditional Garb

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Share “This impressive portrait of a man is worked from the dark grey and very hard granite Diorit frequently used in Egypt. The back of the sculpture exhibits traits typical of Egyptian sculpture. The clear, classically seeming structure of the frontally aligned head and the reserved arrangement of the face with simple linear and plastic […]

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Archeologists Find 5,500-Year-Old Plaza in Peru

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Share Mon Feb 25, 2008 By Marco Aquino Photo:Sechin Cerro is Above the New Structure Discovered by Scientists; Click for larger size LIMA (Reuters) – A ceremonial plaza built 5,500 years ago has been discovered in Peru, and archeologists involved in the dig said on Monday carbon dating shows it is one of the oldest […]

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Inca Empire Flourished in the Andes Due to a 400 Year Period of Global Warming?

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ShareOpportunity knocks, again, in the Andes by Nicholas Asheshov Living in Peru Photo: The Moray Amphitheater Complex in the Andes Could Seat 260,000; but that’s a Whole Other Story The last time global warming came to the Andes it produced the Inca Empire. A team of English and U.S. scientists has analyzed pollen, seeds and […]

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Update: Online E-Book: Tracking the Ancient Griffin, Modern Monsters and the “Extinct” Pterosaur Through Art, History and Science

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Share Graphic: Uccello’s Saint George and Princess and the Dragon. Wikipedia The first draft of this “e-book” was posted online with about 33 pages. The latest update has 40, so new material has been added. I sent the book around before publication so that the very worst and most obvious errors in logic and grammar […]

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