Archeology Proves Bible History Accurate

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Share Behistun Inscription. By Dennis Leap The December 2005 The Bible is the only ancient, well-organized and authentic framework in which to fit all the facts of history. The Bible does not record all history. In fact, there are huge gaps in the history contained in the Bible. Yet, without the Bible and what […]

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Ancient citadel Shows Scars of Mass Warfare

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Share 16 December 2005 news service Will Knight The shattered remains of a 5500-year-old citadel that stood on the modern-day border between Syria and Iraq provide some of the oldest evidence for organised and bloody warfare. The Mesopotamian settlement lies in Hamoukar, on the northernmost tip of Syria, 8 kilometres from the Iraqi border. […]

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Old, for Sure, but Human?

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Share The current “scientific” dating scheme is all messed up. Here you have “modern” man’s footprints before man was supposed to have even evolved–which is quite a conundrum for some. Footprints? I don’t see no footprints! As for their configuration, maybe those volcanic ashes were hot! By JOHN NOBLE WILFORD Published: December 13, 2005 What […]

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“Ancient” Black Silo Framed in White Limestone Formation

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Share Here at, we have no idea whether this story is true, or assuming that it is true, what the object in fact is. We have to say this because of recent letters we’ve received; this article was not written by anyone at Having done what we could to verify that the story […]

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Neolithic” Agricultural Community’s Daily Life Shown in Amazing Detail in Dig at Ancient Site

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ShareKATHIMERINI English Edition A well-preserved settlement in Kastoria, northern Greece, dating 7,500 years ago illuminates the characteristics of rural life of the times. By Iota Sykka – Kathimerini The finds at Avgi in Kastoria are far from common. At a site of 3.5 hectares near the Aghia Triada municipality, a 7,500-year-old rural community has been […]

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Mysterious Antarctica May Be The Home of the Oldest Civilization

Posted on Nov 17, 2005 in OOPARTS | 2 comments

Share 11/14/2005 Lots of surprises may be hidden under the Antarctic ice and are waiting to be discovered. The possible existence of a prehistoric civilization in Antarctica started drawing attention of professional historians after the World War II. The hypothesis can be supported by the medieval maps and research of the Western paleogeologists and glaciologists. […]

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Poverty Point National Monument & Archaeologists Identify Oldest Existing Mound Complex In New World

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Share Why would anyone build mounds of earth 7 miles long? In the case of Poverty Point, in northeastern Louisiana, no one knows for sure. In some states, like Ohio, Native American people built mounds as burial places. Archaeologists suspect that the mounds at Poverty Point served as sites for dwellings, but they are not […]

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One of the Oldest Beads Ever Found in the United States.

Posted on Nov 1, 2005 in OOPARTS | one comment

ShareFOLSOM BEAD from the SHIFTING SAND SITE—TEXAS. Estimated by the experts to be at least 11,000 YEARS Old. “ This stone tiny bone or ivory bead was found stuck to a stone flake during excavation of the Shifting Sand site in Texas. It represents one of the oldest beads ever found in the United States.” […]

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Meds Today, in 2000 B.C. Surprisingly Comparable

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Share By William Mullen Published October 24, 2005 In the world’s first cities 4,000 years ago, people came to doctors for help with much the same problems they do today–everything from impotence, depression, tuberculosis and cancer to gluten hypersensitivity, hemorrhoids, narcolepsy and migraines. The treatment they received in ancient Mesopotamia is also familiar in many […]

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Pyramid found – in the heart of Bosnia

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ShareNear the city of Visoko, 30 km north of Sarajevo, there is a stone pyramid of monumental size, claims the Bosnian archeologist Semir Osmanagić, who lives and works in the USA. After several months of geological and archeological research, Mr. Osmanagić concluded that under the present hill of Visočica hides a stairs-like pyramid, about 12,000 […]

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