Rebuilding Germany’s Temple of the Sun

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Share A project to faithfully reconstruct a 7,000 year-old solar observatory, the oldest of its kind in Europe, began this week at Goseck in the German state of Saxony. The reconstruction, which is estimated to cost a total of 100,000 euros ($122,830) at its completion, should be finished by the end of the year and […]

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Neanderthal Superglue

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ShareArchaeologists analysing stone tool artefacts have discovered that Neanderthals fixed wooden handles to flint knives by means of ‘superglue’ made from birch pitch. Despite the ‘bumbling reputation’ of Neanderthals, the ability to make the adhesive reveals substantial know-how that it would even be difficult for modern manufacturing plants to duplicate. The smouldering process to turn […]

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Those Mysterious Olmecs. A Pre-Hispanic Civilization in the Americas; from Whence Did They Come? Why Is Everybody’s Claiming Them As Their Own?

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Share 3000+ Year Old Giant head found buried 20 ft. deep with the use of magnetic mapping. What was an Advanced, Black, or possibly Asian or East Indian)non-Egyptian, pre-Hispanic civilization doing in Mexico–in the America’s prior to and more advanced than the Maya and the Aztecs? No one knows for certain where they came from, […]

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Lion’s Cavern: The Oldest Mine in the World

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ShareThe first beauty parlor is over 40,000 years old! Long before the days of Cleopatra and Helen of Troy, in the heart of Africa, cosmetics were being mined to beautify men and woman – who even than recognised that nature needs a little help. The birth of beauty began at Bomvu ridge, in the Ngwenya […]

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Mysterious Two-Hundred Million-Year-Old Hidden Stone Bears the Words: “Chinese Communist Party Collapses”

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ShareWe’re not sure what it is we are missing here. Maybe it’s the translation or maybe “April Fools Day”, is June 1 in China. Certainly the rock is not 200 million years old–but why couldn’t someone have written the inscription–after the rock split open? We report, you decide. EPOCH TIMES: In June 2002, a 270 […]

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“Forbidden Fruit?” Rats Fed Genetically Modified Corn Destined for Human Consumption- Developed Organ & Blood Abnormalities

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Share“One blustery day six years ago – at the start of The Independent on Sunday’s successful GM campaign – I travelled to Aberdeen to meet a man who had been sent to Coventry. Dr Arpad Pusztai was then the bogeyman of the British scientific establishment. No less a figure than Lord May – then the […]

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China’s 5,000-Year Old Civilization Is No Bluff

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SharePrehistoric Relics Provides New Evidence ——————————————————————————– Broadcasting Corporation of China May 19, 2005 United archaeologists from Shandong University and Chicago Field Museum of Natural History have recently come up with preliminary conclusions after 10 years of excavation and research at the Rizhao district in Shandong province. They believe that the remains of ancient monument, which […]

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“Antibiotic” Beer Gave Ancient Africans Health Buzz

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ShareNational Geographic News May 16, 2005 Humans have been downing beer for millennia. In certain instances, some drinkers got an extra dose of medicine, according to an analysis of Nubian bones from Sudan in North Africa. To view the article, CLICK HERE:

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