Huge Pre-Stonehenge Complex Found via “Crop Circles”

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ShareJames Owen in London for National Geographic News Photo:Click for Larger View June 15, 2009 Given away by strange, crop circle-like formations seen from the air, a huge prehistoric ceremonial complex discovered in southern England has taken archaeologists by surprise. A thousand years older than nearby Stonehenge, the site includes the remains of wooden temples […]

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Neanderthal Teaches Science a Thing or Two

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ShareDid man evolve from primitive, less intelligent forms into presumably smarter, brainier and more sophisticated modern man? Or as we learn from the Bible, did he begin with language, intelligence, problem solving capability equal to that of “modern” man? The answer is, the more we learn about Neanderthal and Cro Magnon, the more science realizes […]

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Giant Humans, Dinosaurs and Ancient Civilizations of Spain

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Share by Jorge Gasco de El Oráculo de Occidente Source: And Spanish Version of this Article Here I want to thank my friend Jorge Gasco of El Oraculo de Occidente,for sending me the link to and for giving me permission to publish a version of his article concerning the topics listed in the title. While […]

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Four Out of Five Skeptics Agree; This Artifact is Not a Pre Columbian T-Rex; Who to Believe, Science or Your Own Lying Eyes?

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Share As for the sceptics out there, many of them wouldn”t admit that there was evidence that man and dinosaur co-existed even if one of those dinosaurs bit them in the ……… Here at, we’ve put up over 80 pages in our Dinosaurs in Literature, History and Art Section to prove that quite clearly, […]

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The Pyramidal Hills of Luoping, China

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Share Photo by George Steinmetz for Nat Geo. “Blooming fields of rapeseed plants weave around hills near Luoping in Yunnan Province”. If nothing else, pictures of the vast rapeseed fields of Luoping, China make beautiful photographs. We however were immediately struck by the large number of triangular “hills” that dot the fields for some distance. […]

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Enormous ‘foot-shaped’ enclosures discovered in Jordan Valley–but not in a left, right pattern, right?

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Share“The ‘foot’ structures that we found in the Jordan valley are the first sites that the People of Israel built upon entering Canaan and they testify to the biblical concept of ownership of the land with the foot,” said archaeologist Prof. Adam Zertal of the University of Haifa, who headed the excavating team that exposed […]

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Late Survival of Megatherium in South America-Olmec Culture Representation

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ShareOfficial scientific sources say that Megatherium became extinct between 10,000 and 2,000,000 years ago. Writing in Science Frontiers Online, William Corliss informs about several eyewitness accounts of late surviving megatheriums-reported by hunters and miners. Those who speculate that the Giant South American Sloth survived until very late and may survive even until today are supported […]

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Update: Mystery of the 2nd and 3rd Century Roman Dodecahedron

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ShareWhen someone makes a comment on an old entry, generally no one knows about it but us. We hope to update the blog so that recent comments appear on the front page but that functionality doesn’t exist at this time. This is a fairly detailed explanation of one’s persons hypothesis about the usage of the […]

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Icelandic Presence Here Before Columbus

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ShareAccording to the Hagerstown mail of August 9, 1867. A grave was found near the great falls of the Potamac marked with an Icelandic inscription recording the death of a woman from that Nordic country named Snasu. The discovery was said to prove that Norseman, 500 years before the time of Columbus’s visit to America. […]

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A Response to A Christian Friend on His Theory Suggesting How Creationists and Evolutionists Might Both Be Correct

Posted on Jan 31, 2009 in Church of Darwin | 2 comments

Share by chris parker, I read your article last night and of course various thoughts came up either in support or disagreement with the various ideas and theories you shared. It would have been better to respond last night when my recollection was fresh. I couldn’t at that time so here are some initial […]

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