Design Correlation of the Towers in North Africa, Central America and East Asia for the Cities for Survival

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ShareFrom Clifford Paiva, PhD: “Enclosed are the frames correlating the common design from East Asia, Central America and North Africa. Josephus attributes survival towers to Nimrod, great-grandson of Noah. (Josephus who became known, in his capacity as a Roman citizen, as Flavius Josephus[2], was a 1st-century Jewish historian and apologist of priestly and royal ancestry […]

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The Ancients Knew of the Global Flood

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ShareThe Hittites were once believed to be mythological despite their being mentioned in the Bible. “Since Noah’s Ark landed in the mountains of Ararat (the mountains rose at the close of the Flood), it is not surprising that Noah’s progeny migrated down the new Tigris River valley from the mountains to found the earliest post-Flood […]

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Doctoral Student Weighs the Cost, Structure of a Famous Ship (the Ark)

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Share© The Whistle, Georgia Tech  by Tyler Burns   Jose F. Solis, a doctoral candidate in the College of Architecture, novice shipbuilder and designer, pondered this question: Will it float or not? His assignment as part of his qualifying written final exam was to build a model of Noah’s ark. This meant producing the necessary […]

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Video: Mysterious Pyramids Found in Borneo Jungle?

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Ancient Costa Rican Tyrannosaur Representation at the Art Institute of Chicago?

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Share  Here at when surfing the net in the dinosaur area, we increasingly bump into our own pages. We know also that many people unsuspectingly surf in into the middle of this dinosaur in literature section and thus aren’t sure what they’ve gotten themsleves into. If you’re one of those people, you were probably […]

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Digging for history in Turkey
An archaeological dig tells us more about the Garden of Eden?

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Shareby sean thomas October 17, 2006   I am standing above an archaeological dig, on a hillside in southern Turkey. Beneath me, workmen are unearthing a sculpture of some sort of reptile (right). It is delicate and breathtaking. It is also part of the world’s oldest temple. If this sounds remarkable, it gets better. […]

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Ancient 3D Aerial Map Manufactured with Modern Technology

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Share Back in 1992 a Pravda story about an ancient 3D aerial high technology map made a big splash all over the internet and to a much lesser degree, the “conventional” press (apologies, but it was in Pravda not the New York Times). It was claimed that a 5 foot, one ton slab found in […]

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Global Distribution of Pyramids

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Share Photo:Pyramids Found in Italy? Could the Tower of Babel have been a Pyramid? Dr. Paiva has a theory about the increasingly evident worldwide distribution of pyramidal structures. “The enclosed data reflect the global distribution of towers in a post-Flood world. It should be remembered that the fundamental outlook for centuries in the post-deluvian environment […]

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Do the Pre-Historic Nuclear Reactors at Oklo Falsify Young Earth Creationism?

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ShareAnd, the destruction of the human genome and the end of man–a Conversation.           Click Here to Read Article

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