The Stones Cry Out Part 3;
Rock Solid Proof of Dinosaur and Human Interaction?

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SharePhoto by Keith Thrash Sources: Creation Evidence Museum; Mineral Wells Thanks to Mr. C. Gallant, God bless Rock Solid Proof of Dinosaur Human Interaction? The Cretaceous Limestone block contains a human footprint overlaid with a dinosaur print. “In early July, 2000 Alvis Delk, assisted by James Bishop (both of Stephenville, Texas), was working in […]

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Bible Publishers Sued for “Anti-Gay” (anti-Homosexual) References

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ShareThursday, July 10, 2008 10:51 AM By: Rick Pedraza A Michigan man is seeking $70 million from two Christian publishers for emotional distress and mental instability he received during the past 20 years from versions of the Bible that refer to homosexuality as a sin. Bradley LaShawn Fowler, a gay man, claims his constitutional rights […]

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“Messianic” Leaders say “Hebrew Tablet” Validates Jesus’ Claims

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Share Added: Jul 21st, 2008 3:31 AM By Dan Wooding Founder of ASSIST Ministries ISRAEL/JORDAN (ANS) — Israeli Jewish believers in Jesus say the recently publicized Hebrew tablet describing the death and resurrection of a messianic figure challenges centuries of teachings by rabbinic Judaism that the redemptive process of Jesus was a departure from biblical […]

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Updates And Reviews, Re: Days of Peleg
by Jon Saboe

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Share Peleg’s Log is an infrequent and sporadic newsletter from Daysof, bringing news and stories about the successes, reviews, and responses that The Days of Peleg has elicited. The big news is that The Days of Peleg has been selected by Allbooks Review International as their Featured Historical Fiction Book-Of-The-Month! Here is an excerpt […]

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Lambayeque Culture “Rocket”

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ShareLambayeque culture (part of the Sican Culture) arose in the 8th century, at the end of the Second Horizon, as one more “little town” of the north coast of Peru, when Huari was still an empire full of wealth and splendour 100 to 150 years later, Huari disappeared off the map, but this little town […]

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Back from Dead’ Case Stuns Doctors
Organ Donors, Take Note

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ShareTHE case of a man whose heart stopped beating for 1-1/2 hours only to revive just as doctors were preparing to remove his organs for transplants is fuelling ethical debates in France about when a person is dead. The 45-year-old man suffered a massive heart attack and rescuers used cardiac massage to try and revive […]

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Send in the Clowns? Special Attire for Men of God?

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Out of Place Artifacts and Ancient Technology; 1852 Style

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Share  Copyright 2008 In 1978 Brad Steiger wrote a book entitled “Worlds Before Our Own” which advanced a theory about an ancient, global civilization, supported by his chronicling of hundreds of out of place artifacts. His book may not have been the only one of its kind or the first but much of the […]

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A Tell of Two Cities–and One Continent
(Not So Ancient Newspaper Articles May Tell A Different Story Of The History Of The Americas Than The One That Is Commonly Believed)

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Share Africans, Not Europeans, First in the America? New York Times, August 29, 1920 Africa and the Discovery of America. Volume I. by Professor Leo Wiener.Philadelphia: Innes and Sons. Leo Wiener was a professor of Slavic languages at Harvard University and author of many books including the one referenced above. His son Norbert Wiener entered […]

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New Poll of Public School Students: Teach Us Creation!

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Share  Yet another poll indicates that Americans believe creation should be included in US public school classrooms. Channel One, a secular broadcast company that airs a daily program for public schools, asked students, ‘Which theory should be taught in your classroom?’ The choices were creation, evolution, or both. A majority of students (52 percent) said […]

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