Posting Troubles?

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ShareWe haven’t figured out what the posting issue is as yet (but on the other hand we haven’t had to delete hundreds of junk mail posts either) so if you’d like to post a comment and are unable, e-mail your comment with the title you wish to comment on to   

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Ancient Greenland Was Actually Green
On Finding an Ice-Age Book (Book Of Job)
Ancient Map Shows Greenland Without Ice

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Share “One of the remarkable features of the biblical revelation , when it is interpreted literally, is its internal consistency in recording past events that help to explain the present world. Nowhere is this consistency seen more clearly than in the ability of the worldwide Genesis Flood to provide the only adequate explanation for a […]

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One tonne soup. Villagers brewed Dinosaur bones

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ShareVillagers in central China dug up a tonne of dinosaur bones and boiled them in soup or ground them into powder for traditional medicine, believing they were from flying dragons and had healing powers, a scientist said yesterday. Until last year, the fossils were being sold in Henan province at about 4 yuan (26p) a […]

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Jesse Ramirez, Considered a “Vegetable” Like Terri Shiavo, Now on His Way to Recovery

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SharePhoto: Terri Schaivo  By Peter J. Smith CHANDLER, Arizona, June 28, 2007 ( – Written off by doctors as a hopeless “vegetable”, an Arizona man would not now be on his way to recovery from an accident caused by a marital quarrel if not for his family’s unrelenting struggle for his life. The Arizona Republic […]

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Early Flying Mammal Found In China
-Lived 125-130 Million Years Ago Says Science
Give or Take 125 Million to 130 Million Years?

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Share Photo:“Reconstruction of Volaticotherium antiquus. (Credit: Chuang Zhao and Lida Xing) Johannes Nieuhof published a book on China in 1669 with Illustrations called “Of the Empire of China”. The book contained info on the flora and fauna of China as well as various curiosities. To the untrained eye (and I’ve got two of them) his […]

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The Mysterious Egyptian Tri-Lobed Disc

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Share We’ve translated this article from the Italian. Another translation that readers may find useful—used for ceremonial; funereal; ritualistic; shamanistic etc. purposes -often means; “we don’t know what it was used for”… In the first wing of the Egyptian Museum of the Cairo between two rooms close to the Momias Room, one cannot help but […]

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Giant Ancient Penguins Liked it Hot

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ShareOn more than one occasion here at we’ve been the recipient of some shall we call them smart alec-ky remarks or challenges. One we remember specifically was “how can you guys believe in a literal ark? Where did Noah find polar bears and penquins in the desert of Palestine”?  Well Alec, we replied, smart as you are you […]

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Ice Age” Art at Vogelherd Cave

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Share     Photo:The Horse When you hear that science has discovered a new collection of “prehistoric” art, what’s the first thing you look for? Right! Dinosaurs! Umm, Right? That’s because (if you’re a Christian) you know that all the animals on dry land were taken aboard the ark at the time of the great […]

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Posting Problems/Earth Chronicles

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ShareSince our BLOG went down several weeks ago, comments to the BLOG have gone down 99%. What a relief! Most of it was junk. However, if you’ve been trying to post unsuccessfully, please send your post to let us know what you wish to respond to and we will post it for you until the […]

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ShareRead the Bible! But, if you have a bit more time on your hands, then “The Days of Peleg”, by Jon Saboe is a must read!  This is a great book! I can’t imagine the time it took Jon just for the research that went into this great first novel, never mind the time it […]

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