What creature through history and night has that quality of evanescence? What creature stalks the night with wings that glow by bioluminescence?

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Sharehttpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2bkeq8Le54 Click Here if Video Does not Play This event (first video) took place over Guadalajara, Mexico. The interest in this video and video of a prior event in 2004 is from the UFo front. They are indeed; unidientified flying objects. They appear to pulsate and in several instances seem to employ flapping wings. A […]

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Ancient Metalworkers Burned Out of History

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ShareBy Jennifer Viegas, Discovery News April 26, 2005— Evidence for ancient metalworking is sparse, and now historians who recreated Bronze Age smelting techniques know why — the clues naturally disappear. The finding explains why, despite the discovery of 10 British mines dating from 2050 to 1500 B.C., very few remains of actual metalworking sites have […]

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UFO and/or Pterosaur Photographed in Nihuil Argentina Above Lake

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Share Photo:Unidentified Flying Object; Sept. 7, 2009. Click to enlarge. Versions of this story and a series of blurry, low reso photos appeared in various South American newpaper outlets. The following news story was translated from Diarios De Los Andes. A gentleman photographed and object that he noted was silent and that was hovering several […]

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Cosmic Chess: The Copernican Gambit?

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Share Psalm 96:5 For all the gods of the nations are idols, but the LORD made the heavens Prior to the Copernican Revolution which did not begin until 200 years after the publication of his book; On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres in 1543, science and the world generally adhered to the Ptolemaic model […]

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Know Evolution (No Evolution)

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ShareThere’s an interesting problem plaguing an area in Canada east of Toronto. It seems that hybrid animals that some are calling coywolfs are wreaking havoc on the livestock up there. Coywolfs are a hybrid between wolfs and coyotes. It’s an interesting story but here’s the problem. Trent University geneticist Bradley White, called the situation, quote; […]

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Living Pterosaurs Newsletter 16, by Jonathan Whitcomb

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ShareAugust 1, 2009 Living Pterosaurs Newsletter 16 By Jonathan Whitcomb To living-pterosaur investigators and to those interested in live “pterodactyls” CONTENTS “Live Pterosaurs in America” now on sale (The non-fiction book is on Amazon.com) Press Release: Three reasons American pterosaur sightings are not from hoaxes “Live Pterosaurs in America” nonfiction book At last! For a […]

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The Holy Bible Lighthouse Version Free Online

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ShareYou may be interested in a new Bible version that preserves the meaning of the KJV while updating the language. Many of my creation friends seem to be interested in it. It can be downloaded for free from Lulu.com Lighthouse Bible Version and hard copy can also be ordered from there. Further description: This Bible […]

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Is the Opposite of There is a God, There Probably Isn’t a God?: Atheist Bus Ads ‘Pathetic:’ Philosopher Says

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ShareAtheists or Humanists have begun a Canada wide “bus slogan” campaign which touts the idea that there “probably” is no God. The bus slogan campaign first began in Great Britain and has now moved to Canada. I had no idea that Atheists were so equivocal on this topic. But if you can’t state categorically that […]

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World’s First Computer May Be Even Older Than Thought

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Share New, Sharp, Science,A New Scientist Blog Jo Marchant, consultant From Swiss Army knives to iPhones, it seems we just love fancy gadgets with as many different functions as possible. And judging from the ancient Greek Antikythera mechanism, the desire to impress with the latest multipurpose must-have item goes back at least 2000 years. This […]

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Oldest Animal Fossils Found in Lakes, Not Oceans

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Share What if; there were only lakes and seas before the flood? What if there were no “salt water” creatures prior to the flood? What if the oceans are the result of residual waters left over from the ‘fountains of the deep” bursting open and thus, are actually younger than some lakes? In any case, […]

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