Vinland Map of America no Forgery, Expert Says

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ShareBrief History of the Map The Vinland Map first came to light in 1957 (three years before the discovery of the Norse site at L’Anse aux Meadows in 1960) and was offered to Yale University by an alumnus, Laurence C. Witten II, an antiquarian book dealer. Unable to afford the asking price, and concerned that […]

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Egyptian of High Rank without the Traditional Garb

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Share “This impressive portrait of a man is worked from the dark grey and very hard granite Diorit frequently used in Egypt. The back of the sculpture exhibits traits typical of Egyptian sculpture. The clear, classically seeming structure of the frontally aligned head and the reserved arrangement of the face with simple linear and plastic […]

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Its just a bird is your belief? Well hold up a second Chief, I’ll make my rebuttal brief, Don’t you know birdies don’t have teeth?

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Share Photo: Mochica Culture vase replica and modern depictons of a pterosaur. Photo by Oscar Miranda. Mochica Culture Ancient Native American civilization on the coast of N Peru. Previously called Early Chimu (see Chimu), the Mochica were warriors with a highly developed social and political organization. They built temples, pyramids, and aqueducts of adobe brick, […]

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New Fossil Primate Suggests Common Asian Ancestor, Challenges Primates Such As ‘Ida’

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Share Photo: Google takes sides. After the orchestrated hype for the fossil “IDA”, including coordinated media announcements, scientific publication of the main article, a media rich website, timed press conferences, History Channel hype and the release of the BBC film; “The Link”, even some evolutionists were underwhelmed and unconvinced. Here’s a quote from the blog […]

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E-mails indicate EPA Suppressed Report Skeptical of Global Warming

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“But the EPA is supposed to reach its findings based on evidence, not on political goals. The repression of this important study casts doubts on the EPA’s finding, and frankly, on other analysis the EPA has conducted on climate issues.”

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Online Publication:Tracking the Ancient Griffin, Modern Monsters and the “Extinct” Pterosaur Through Art, History and Science

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Share Tracking the Ancient Griffin, Modern Monsters and the “Extinct” Pterosaur Through Art, History and Science Publish at Calaméo or browse others. This is an experimental media presentation for us here at We’ve got 600 pages of website and two movies. This is our first E-Publication. A “book” seemed like a better way to […]

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Update on Giant Amazon Snake

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Share From Markus Hemmler “The Fronitiers of Zoology Usenet group”: “My first thought as I’ve read this story was that I know this picture before… I’ve tried it with a search for Sucuriju with Google-Picturesearch and you know what? I found it on the first site! Some deeper research and I found the site from […]

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Discovery Raises New Doubts About Dinosaur-bird Links

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Share What is science going to do with all those graphics of feathered dinosaurs? What about those expensive, “bird-brained” museum displays showing the “evolution” of dinosaurs into birds? This article hints at the answer; certain fundamentalist evolutionists don’t want any facts because they’ve already made up their minds. These authors descibe the problem as “political” […]

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LISBURN MEN FIND GIANT SNAKE IN THE AMAZON: Knocking down 90 foot trees? What? Too lazy to slither around?

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Share Photo: Click to Enlarge Obviously we can’t vouch for any aspect of this story except that there is actually a “Peruvian Amazon” The knocking of monkeys out of trees by spitting water at ’em–seems unsporting…… Ulster Star 04 June 2009 By MARY MAGEE IT SOUNDS like an Indiana Jones adventure. After 23 years […]

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New Footage of Lake Champlain Sea Monster? Burlington Man Claims to Have Caught ‘Creature’ on Video

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Sharehttpv:// Thursday, June 4, 2009 Stabilized Cell Phone Video No Video? Try Clicking Here BURLINGTON, Vt. — A cellphone video of a “creature” that appears to be swimming in Lake Champlain is causing a stir in the North Country. According to the Burlington Free Press newspaper, Burlington resident Eric Olsen, 37, shot video with […]

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